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Band: Frost Like Ashes
Album: "Pure As The Blood Covered Snow"
Label: StoD Records
Year: 2003
Country: U.S.A
Official Site:
Genre: Black/Death Metal


Here we have the first demo from Frost Like Ashes bringing some outstanding black/ death metal. This demo contains five songs one of them is a cover of Black Sabbath of the song "After Forever."
I placed CD into my stereo and the first thing I noticed production wise, skills and stuff nice, then the first track was a really nice song, after it finishes the second and most outstanding song from this demo started, "A Cruel Verse" it starts with some whispers, then some awesome guitar works, and very fast drumming, it caught my attention since the beggining, after a while I heard some vocals alike to those that Dany Filth (COF) performs, then the whole chorus was sung with those vocals which makes a great feature here! The keyboards keep sounding in a very cool way and wow, this was since the beginning my favorite song.
The third song "Adorers Of Blood" is kinda slower, it keeps the vocals as growls, the guitars are awesome here, double pedals drumming here, yes, it's a great song too. The fourth song is "After Forever" the Black Sabbath cover, and the last and final song is "Immortals" which was added as a bonus track.
The one-sheet booklet they added did not bring lyrics included, but you can read the lyrics at their official website, the packaging was nice, this a a very good demo you should acquire. You can find it in any christian online metal store.


Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 25:03

Total Songs: 5


1. Notions Of Insanity
2. A Cruel Verse
3. Adorers Of Blood
4. After Forever
5. Immortals (Bonus Track)

Highlights: A Cruel Verse ,and Adorers Of Blood.

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