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Band: Firethrone
Album: "Day of Darkness and Blackness"
Label: Son Of Man Records
Year: 2006
Country: Poland
Official Site:
Genre: Old School Black Metal


Raw and Grim catching every breath from you is the way this recording appears when you press the play button of your stereo system or CD player. 13 tracks of pretty somber and dark atmosphere shocking all of your senses. Well music like this can only be seen once in a while in the christian scene we can say this band is in the vein of some brutal Scandinavian black metal acts, Since Horde and Dark Endless released their material and gave our scene what it needed, Here Firethrone appears as a complement and delivers some harsh and grim black metal. we can't say it's a Horde rip off because this creates their own ideas, it similar to Horde though. This band was formed by members of the bands Abdijah and Elgibbor both bands from Poland and combining ideas they could get a pretty harsh sound alike to the first wave of black metal in Norway.

The first nine songs belongs to this recording while the last four songs are from the "Demo 2004" which shows lower quality production than the first nine songs, you easily notice the change when the CD gets to the song number ten. The packaging is very professional, The booklet includes some info about the CD and some members pictures but no lyrics to look at. As a conclusion to this review if you've liked Horde, Dark Endless, Abdijah, Emperor, Darkthrone and mostly old school black metal this is a good selection to add to your grim and rotten colection.


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Running Time: 39:35

Total Songs: 13


1. Nadchdzi Lew
2. Upadl W. Babilon
3. From Rot To Suffer
4. The Rising Sun Will Be Darkened
5. Immortal Eternal Triumphator
6. The Day Of Coming Destruction And Darkness
7. Holocaust Firestorm
8. Going To War
9. Sorrow In My Heart
10. Duch Panski
11. Lew Z Pokolenia Judu
12. Ojcze Nasz
13. Upadl W. Babilon

Highlights: Immortal Eternal Triumphator , Sorrow In My Heart and The Rising Sun Will Be Darkened.

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