Label: Solid State
Year: 1999
Official Site: www.extolweb.com
Genre: Thecnical Death/Black Metal


Extol… Extol.. Extol.. Who loves Extol? I do, not just for their great music and excellent lyrics but the effort and the good feeling they filled each of their songs with.

Being Part of the Christian Scene since 1998 when they released Burial one of the most great Christian technical black/death metal, hasn’t been so easy for Extol. They were really good accepted by the secular and Christian scene when they showed up their first time.

Well in this Album which is a Great EP called Mesmerized, they bring us six songs of technical death metal, actually the three last songs are just remixes of previous songs of their first full length album “Burial”. We can mention also the great production this album is surrounded by. I’ve got my copy, from Solid State, which was licensed by Endtime productions to re-release this album.

The first song "Enthralled", opens this Ep with brutality and music the only Extol is able to make, always following the technical way we have known extol for, "The prodigal son" is basically based in the little story of the prodigal son Jesus talked about in the bible. It is a nice song and even longer than the opening song. The third song called "Storms of Disillusions", is a really nice song , we can find clean vocals at the beginning but we can find the grinding death vocals also.

The last three songs are just remixes of the songs Burial, Renhetens elv, and Work of Art, from the album Burial. They are not bad, nor better than the originals songs, they are just decent.

The Art of this album is pretty nice, it gives a nice look to the whole EP, since they play a really nice metal, and they use really nice cover arts they include a booklet with the lyrics of the three first songs.



Reviewed by Metalerosal





Running Time: 34:41

Total Songs: 6

Tracklisting 1.Enthralled, 2.The Prodigal Son, 3.Storms Of Disillusions , 4.Burial (Sanctum Remix), 5.Renhetens elv (Sanctum Remix), 6.Work Of Art (Raison D'Etre Remix).

Highlights: Entrhalled, The Prodigal Son, and Storms Of Disillusions.


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