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Band: Extol
Album: "Burial"
Label: Solid State Records
Year: 1998
Country: Norway
Official Site: www.extolweb.com
Genre: Black/Death Metal


This album has been released seven times by different three labels, guess why? It's because it rocks so hard..
It took some time to get my own copy of this masterpiece. I remember I used to have a borrowed copy from a friend, when this album was released, but He took it away from me, every time I looked for it, it was out of stock, I feel as If I was missing something really great by not having this album. After a while I could get my own copy and I started to listen to it, the whole thing rocks from the beginning to the end.                                                            Instantly I loved this music, the great guitars works show themselves very outstanding, the vocals are awesome death growls that easily change to black shrieks, Peter is a very talented singer, and the great sounds that comes out of the bass and drums make this something really great, Extol does a killer work here. This album opened the path to all those great releases Extol has released so far..
I found the right moment to sit and listen to this album, I took the booklet and had a nice time listening to Extol reading the lyrics along. The lyrics are awesome too, Christ-centered lyrics with a tough touch of metal songwriting, One of the song that caught my attention instantly was Burial if you have listen to it, you already know why.                                                     This is a must have album, all the metal heads who are into extreme metal got to appreciate this. Extol started as a very outstanding band since the beginning, so if you don't want to miss their first release you definitely should get this one! .

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Running Time: 62:18

Total Songs: 12


1. Into Another Dimension
2. Celestial Completion
3. Burial
4. Renhetens Elv
5. Superior
6. Reflections Of A Broken Soul
7. Justified
8. Embraced
9. Innbydelse
10. Tears Of Bitterness
11. Work Of Art
12. Jesus Kom Til Jorden For L Dø

Highlights: Burial, Justified, Superior and  Work Of Art.

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