Band: Eulogium
Album: "A light in the Darkness "
Label: Independient
Year: 2005
Official Site:
Genre: Old School Black Metal


Eulogium was started by Armando Lopez as a unblack solo project. Since then Armando has been developing black metal in the Old School way.
Eulogium has released a demo called: "A light in the Darkness" , He says that this demo is just an amateur material, but He is now working on his full-length called "Where Solace Is Mine".

A light in the Darkness contains  5 songs of pure black metal. The more catchy song is Psalm 1, it starts with acoustic guitars that in a while erupt into black metal, it just awesome. The song "Misfortune"  is beautiful  it is a pretty nice song.  The song Frigid Emptiness took part in the  U.S.W.M.A black metal compilation. The lyrics of Eulogium talks about grief, sadness , and that God will be always there for you.

Armando is actually working on a full- lenght while he compromised to do vocals for Cabalistic (Old School Black Metal)You can listen to some Mp3 of the coming full-lenght at:



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Running Time: 24:49

Total Songs: 5

Tracklisting 1. Unrest Come Night Time, 2. Misfortune, 3. El Desierto, 4. frigid Emptiness,5. Final Rest.

Highlights: Misfortune and Frigid Emptiness.


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