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Band: Dynasty
Album: "Motus Perpetuus"
Label: Avantage Records
Year: 2004
Country: Brazil
Official Site: www.dynasty.com.br
Genre: Power/Heavy Metal


Dynasty is here again! bringing some cool power metal, fans of christian bands such as: Rob Rock, Jacob's Dream and Lighthammer, or secular bands such as: Stratovarious, Thunderstone and Sonata Artica, should really check this album out!!

This album contains 11 songs that makes over 57 minutes, the vocals are great, so the guitars they are fast and well managed, the drums are cool stuff here too. expect some keyboards also they are great. I love the lyrics of the whole album, specially the lyrics of the song "Eternity" it is also a great song. Even this band comes from Brazil, all the lyrics are in English, a well spoken english though, even the song with the weird name "Miztvoth" it is cool song. The song "The World That Remains" starts with some bell tolling then some acoustic guitars, yes it is slow at the beginning, but it turns into a cool song after. I'd say my favorite song is "Salvation" because of its structure.
This is brazilian metal that would not disappoints you, starting from the production which is average, the cover art is cool also. Good music, Good lyrics and Good Production..


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Running Time: 57:22

Total Songs: 11


1. Not In Vain
2. Eternity
3. Against All Evil
4. The Word That Remains
5. Miztvoth
6. Following The Sign
7. Another Chance
8. Salvation
9. Just For Loving You
10. The Time Is Over
11. Goldenland

Highlights: Eternity , Salvation and The World That Remains.

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