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Band: Doulos
Album: "Oculto "
Label: Independent
Year: 2004
Official Site:
Genre: Death/Grind/Black Metal


After Interviewing this band, I just wanted to make a review about their material. Doulos is a band that plays pure Death/ Grind Metal with some touches of black metal.

This album called:"Oculto" contains 5 songs originally from the band and also a cover from Mortification, taken from the album "Primitive Rithm Machine" All the song are sung in Spanish including the Mortification song. The Cd case includes the booklet with the lyrics in spanish.

What we can listen in this album is just Death Vocals along furious guitars that along blasting drums works gives an excelent development to this band, In this producction the guitars are pretty underground since the CD starts until it finishes, the Death Vocals are very deep growls very well done as the black vocals. All the lyrics are Christ-centered based, the lyrics talks about Jesus who is the only way, the life, and the truth and related stuff.

The song number 3 is sung just in black vocals, is a mid-paced song, with beautiful melodies and pretty sick black shrieks this song clocks at almost 11 minutes. The production is wise, sound quality is pretty decent.
Overall we got here a nice Death/Grind metal band that combines black metal to their music.. another great band to listen to TONIGHT!!!!.



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Running Time: 42:20

Total Songs: 6

Tracklisting 1. Injurias al averno (Insults to Hell), 2. Doulos, 3.Oculto(Hidden), 4.Delirios de Muerte (Deliriums of the Death), 5.Pudrica Maldicion (Rotten Curse), 6.Isaiah 40:31 (Bonus Track),

Highlights: Track 1,2,and 4

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