Band: Crimson Moonlight
Album: "The Covenant Progress "
Label: Rivel Records
Year: 2003
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


Crimson Moonlight one of the greatest name in the christian scene of metal. Since the day I acquired this beautiful album, I fell in love with it, I still love it! because of the development Crimson Moonlight does in this album.
The lyrics are gorgeus, they are like poetry, and the music is melodic and beautiful, the black metal vocals from Pilgrim are awesome, sometimes this band reminds me of Dimmu borgir as everyone compare CM with them.

The album breaks the ice starting with "Mist of Spiritual Dimension" a brutal song, the lirics on this song talks about the advice of keeping away from evil, it is very fast and brutal. Then the next song The pilgrimage slows down a bit, it takes the melodic way while path of pain remains with sharpen guitars and very fast drumming from Gustav, This song is basically a story of all the pain Jesus had to pass through, because of His love for us, and so on.
They also made a revised version of the song Eternal Emperor taken from "Eternal Emperor Ep".

In total they are nine song clocking at over 50 minutes. The last song The Covenant is just an instrumental outro.
Rivel Record did a great job on the package they include a blooklet with the lyrics and photos of the band.



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Running Time: 50:13

Total Songs: 9

Tracklisting 1. Mist Of The Spiritual Dimension, 2. The Pilgrimage, 3. Path Of Pain, 4. Thy Wilderness, 5. Eternal Emperor (Revised Version) , 6. A painting in Dark, 7. Eyes Of Beauty , 8. A Thorn In my heart, 9. The Covenant,

Highlights: Eternal Emperor, Path Of Pain, A painting in Dark and Mist of Spiritual Dimension.


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