Ceremonial Sacred - Our War Is Only Against Hell





Band: Cerimonial Sacred
Album: "Our War Is Only Against Hell "
Label: Extreme Records
Year: 2005/2006
Official Site: www.cerimonialsacred.com
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal


Symphonic Black Metal! for lovers of Dimmu Borgir a new christian Black Metal band here. formed by Lord Melancton Semegallef and Arclord Abisai Darkaliel.

Ceremonial Sacred has just released their first full-lenght album that contains 7 songs, plus a bonus track previously heard from the "Extreme Colection Volume V" which comes attach with the "Extreme Brutal Death Magazine (Brazilian Magazine).

The Intro is just a piano piece, very cool. Then the track four and seven are alike to the Intro but in their different way. Tears of A Christian Hero is a killer symphonic black metal song the vocals of this band are just awesome, beutiful, sick. My Favorite Song is A song for The Inmortals it has haunting piano pieces, beautiful guitars works! which along side to the vocals gives a nice effect to the sound. The drums starts in a slow way then they becomes in fast and blasting drums.

In Conclusion we got a very nice album to listen to, one of the best bands from Brazil, It Worth all the time you spend listening to.



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Running Time: 30:15

Total Songs: 8

Tracklisting 1. In My Cold Cell, 2. Tears Of A Christian Hero, 3.Blood Storm, 4.My Dead Feelings, 5.A Song For The Inmortals, 6.Religious Crematory, 7.To Find The King, 8.The Hell will not to Prevail(Bonus Track

Highlights: Tears Of A Christian Hero,A Song For Inmortals,and Religious Crematory

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