Band: Boanerges
Album: "Señales Antes Del Fin"
Label: Independent
Year: 1998
Country: Argentina
Official Site:
Genre: Power Metal


Boanerges was formed back then in 1990 by Gabriela Sepulveda (Vocals) and her brothers, when they wanted to preach God's word through heavy metal. Boanerges means "Sons Of The Thunder" and it was took from Mark 3:14. This is the first release from Boanerges, it shows speed in a power metal form.

Señales antes del fin is the name of this album, the English translation would be "Signs Before The End"   It's the debut full-length from the band, containing 12 songs. The whole album is in Spanish. The CD starts off with a nice intro "Señales Antes del fin" with very haunting pianos, very symphonic though. The song that follows up is straight power metal with really nice vocals, this woman does a great job on vocals. The song "La Profecia Cumplida" starts with some rhythm guitars that gives a cool sound to this song, in a moment it turns into power metal. The vocals fits very well the music. The rest of the songs are great songs too.

Lyrically Boanerges brings a straight Christian message. They talk about apocalyptic times and related stuff, since the album title is "Signs Before the End." The production is quite good and it was released independently. This CD is highly recommended for those metalheads who likes bands like: Jacob Dreams and Hammerfall.



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Running Time: 49:17

Total Songs: 12


1. Intro  
2. Boanerges
3. Date Otra Oportunidad (Give Yourself Another Chance)
4. La Profecia Cumplida (Fulfilled Prophecy)
5. Despertar de la Mentira (Wake Up From Lies)
6. Necios Sin Razon (Fools Without Reasons)
7. El Tiempo Final (The Final Time)
8. Nada Ni Nadie (Nothing at all)
9. Por Siempre A Tu Lado (Forever by your side)
10. Salmo 96 (Psalm 96)
11. Poder Soberano (Sovereign Power)
12. Majestad (Majesty)

Highlights: Boanerges, Despertar de la mentira, Por siempre a tu lado, and La Profecia Cumplida.

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