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Band: Bleedience
Album: "Parable Of The Gun"
Label: Independent
Year: 2003
Country: Norway
Official Site:
Genre: Black Metal


I really enjoy stuff like this!!! Parable of the Gun EP is the second release from this band. Some people says this guys have changed their genre which is black metal to metalcore, whoever can say it's true, yet this release shows some brutality and the vocals are kept as black metal vocals. It's cool to listen to some great music, It's great when it comes from musicians such as : Andreaz Hansen who performs in bands like: VIXIVI and Inevitable End, Well Andreaz plays rhythm guitars here.

This EP is great stuff it has only 4 songs yet it clocks at 27 minutes! great huh?.
The first song called: "F.T.C" (For This Cause) it's cool! it has some really nice vocals and killer guitars! The second song: "Gun Solved" has more guitars (ala metalcore) yet the vocals remains the same, sometimes the drums keep the same brutality as the first track. The song number three "Revelation" is way the most brutal! it shows pretty furious guitars and the drumming is even faster than the previos tracks!! "Slumber, Broke" is the title of the fourth song, this song contains some clean vocals at the very beginning, it also has some more rhythm guitars.

If you are not familiarized with this band, I recommend you to get their first release, both are great but the first one rocks a little bit harder. You shouldn't miss this great release!



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Running Time: 27:13

Total Songs: 4


1. F.T.C
2. Gun Solved
3. Revelation
4. Slumber, Broke

Highlights: F.T.C and Revelation.

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