Son of Man records is currently the only operating raw unblack label. This records has done much to promote raw unblack by signing many bands and releasing a series of cds. check them out.



Serpent Grinder: What is your main purpose?

SMR: Promoting and distributing the unblack underground.
The furthering of Christendom.

Serpent Grinder: What type of bands do you support?

SMR: Sincere unblack projects. Mostly minimalists.

Serpent Grinder: Any kind of black metal or an specific type?

SMR: Anything unique. Nothing symphonic.

Serpent Grinder: Who have you signed?

SMR: Currently: Firethrone(2004), Rising Hour(2005), Horrific Majesty(2006), Eulogium(2006).
In the past: Cabalistic(2005)

Serpent Grinder: What exactly do you sell?

SMR:  Unblack metal in minimalist friendly formats.

Serpent Grinder:
Any new deal or special coming up?

SMR:  Horrific Majesty - 'In Shadows Eternal' EP is coming out April 20th. Slow, emotional Unblack out of Alabama (people have compared it to Burzum and Xasthur, though I do not support nor recommend these ungodly projects), it will be sold through our site for $10.

Serpent Grinder: Do your artist share a common lyrical theme?

SMR: I'd like to think that our artists are talented enough to come up with something beyond the typical "Hail Jesus... also, kill a goat!" style lyrics. I suppose that Christianity is a 'common lyrical theme', but it manifests itself in different ways.

Serpent Grinder: Requirements for projects/bands interested in your label?

SMR: We're an unblack label, not a metalcore label. Rockstars can send their demos to Endtime, SolidState, etc. Creativity and sincerity are what we are concerned about.

Serpent Grinder: Any future plans?

SMR: 2006: Eulogium - Where Solace is Mine, Horrific Majesty/TBA split, Rising Hour - Sovereign, and we have discussed a professional repress of the Firethrone... but that may not work out.

Serpent Grinder: Any last Comments?

SMR: Information is available at Thank you for giving us the opportunity for promotion through this interview. The end of Satan's earthly kingdom is near. Hails !

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