Band: Nocturnal Faith
Album: "Emblem Of Glory "
Label: Dysmorphic Records
Year: 2004
Official Site:
Genre: Progressive Black Metal


Another Great band from Panama, kicking around with their demo, which is called "Emblem Of Glory" Released by Dysmorphic Records(Encryptor,Sorrowstorm).

The Demo contains 6 songs in a progressive black metal style, the intro is like a storm sound, a nice intro though, this band do a great use of keyboards, the vocals are just black metal shrieks and musically they seems to be a good band. The song title is a killer song that alongs the very nice keyboards sounding and the guitars shows an excelent job. always following the progressive way, the keyboards gives an epic effect on some songs.

In the song Cosmic Desecration Phil (sorrowstorm) do vocals, the lirics are all biblical.The outro is cool and very sounding. Phil is serving as a manager to this band.

So here you got some great music in a progressive way, and standard production.



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Running Time: 26:32

Total Songs: 6

Tracklisting 1. Prelude, 2. Arrival Of The Final Holocaust , 3.Emblem Of Glory , 4.Cosmic Desecration, 5.Blackness Reality , 6.Outro ,

Highlights: Emblem Of Glory, Arrival Of The Final Holocaust, and Cosmic Desecration.

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