Album "Veil Of Remembrance"
Label: Rivel Records
Year: 2005
Official Site: www.crimsonmoonlight.com
Genre: Black/Death metal


Yeah, another great full length album from this great band! This well-known band who starts playing symphonic black metal, then took the black/melodic metal direction, It have another album showing their improvements.

They have improve in every aspect, the drumming is even faster than what they show us in the Covenant Progress (Previous Album), Now Pilgrim has improved his vocals, and also the guitars seems to have improved, Gustav also improved the drumming and change it to a very fast and noisy drumming, where you can find no peace in it.

In this release we find clean vocals, female vocals, Death metal vocals, and black metal vocals, all the songs catch your attention each in their own special way. All the song have speed, agresiveness and show rawness. The song Echoes of thought contains Death metal vocals and furious guitars. We’ve had never seen this band played the way they play in this album.

My favorite song of this album would probably the first track called: Intimations of Everlasting constancy, It has really fast drumming, and the guitars are like never before. Overall we got a great album maybe the best album from this band so far.

Advisable, Buy It!!

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Running Time: 43:31

Total Songs: 9

Tracklisting: 1.Intimations Of Everlasting Constancy, 2.Painful Mind Contradiction, 3.Embraced by the Beauty Of Cold, 4.The Echoes Of Thought, 5.My Grief, My Remembrance, 6.The Cold Grip Of Terror, 7.Illutions was True Beauty, 8.Comtemplations Along the Way, 9.Reflections Upon The Distress And Agony Of Faith.

Highlights: Track 1,3and 5

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